On the 24th of September 2013, I experienced my first transe. Here is how it went, and how it changed everything.

I was living in a small suburb of Paris, and I joined a local swimming pool that had a gym, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a Turkish bath.

I would go there 3 to 4 times a week to exercise. And once a week, I would go for sauna, and meditate for 10 to 20 minutes in there. One day, the sauna was packed, so I went to sit down in the jacuzzi that was empty. I closed my eyes, and started counting my breaths.

The nice thing with a jacuzzi is that the bubbles cut off most of the sound. The water is warm and very comfortable. As I mentioned there was no one else around. I felt my head was buzzing with thoughts, I wanted to go deeper into my mind,

I decided to imagine myself walking down steps. I cannot recall how the idea came to me, but I know a client of mine at the time was a hypnotist, so either she mentioned it, or I must have read or heard of something to inspire me.

I decided on 20 steps, and I started counting backwards. The steps were white, everything else was black. But it wasn’t void. It was a full darkness, not one you fall into. And I went down. 20… 19… 18…

Transe 1_1

… down I went until I got to a white square platform. Once on this empty platform, I looked round, and saw thousand of words whirling around overhead. As they whirled I heard them all being whispered, all at the same time, thousands of ushered words in my head…

Transe 1_2

So I screamed STOP! And all the words fell down on the platform except for two. It was dark, so I couldn’t see the words, but I could tell they weren’t actually floating. I could see they were hanging from strings that went up to the source of light shining down on the platform. Like a white sun, or a star up above.

Transe 1_3

So I jumped onto one of the words, and started climbing up the rope. Once I got to the top, I came through what seemed like a ripped hole, and the whole place was white.

Transe 1_4

Suddenly a baby appeared on the floor. I was surprised to see it, but nothing seemed to be happening other than that. I couldn’t quite discern what the baby looked like.

Transe 1_5

I decided to pull on the string I climbed up on to get the word and look at it. It was a mix between « Indifference » and « Insignificance ». I couldn’t quite make out which one it was. Looking back at it now, I think it was both.

Then suddenly the baby started crying, and talking to me. I couldn’t understand what it was saying. It was all distressful.

Transe 1_6&7

Then it dawned on my. I wasn’t paying attention to the baby. That’s what it was telling me , and that’s what the words were telling me. I was being indifferent, and treating the presence of te baby as insignificant, when it wasn’t. And POUF! The word disappeared.

Transe 1_9

Satisfied with this result, and feeling I had achieved something important, I remembered there was a second word that was still hanging from the hole in the ground. I pulled it up and saw the word OBEDIENCE.

Transe 1_10

I wasn’t satisfied with this word, so I decided to change it to RESPECT. The string was not attached to it anymore, so I threw it back through the hole.

Transe 1_12

Straight after doing so, the baby started growing. It was me. And he gave me some ointment. I quite astoundingly understood immediately.

I closed the hole up that looked like ripped metal, and pulled each sunk in piece until they were all aligned.

Once the mending was done, I took from the ointment the Other Me was giving me, and rubbed it on the cracked ground. It was healing.

As it was healing, a new hole opened up behind me. A true clean hole. A new hole, smooth and perfect, that dropped down into a tube. I knew that was my way out.

Transe 1_19

So I jumped. And I opened my eyes. I was in the jacuzzi. Over 40minutes had gone by. As if I had slept, but I was awake. I was at peace, and felt like I had lived something truly incredible. As if I had connected to something out of this world.

Transe 1_20

I told my psychologist / hypnotist client about this experience, and she told me I had lived a rebirth. It all made perfect sense once it was laid out for me.

I had cut ties with someone in my life at that point, and was embarking on a new path. I needed to stop following someone and earn their respect, instead of being blindly obedient towards them. I had to stop considering I was insignificant, get out of the shadows, grow up. Only then would the wounds I had heal, meaning I could finally start my new journey in this world.

And here I am now, sharing it with you.

She was the one that told me I had been through a transe. I have been doing them ever since to understand myself, and trusting that my subconscious mind will lead me to where I truly belong. They have not failed me once, and have given me the courage to take action when I needed it the most.

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you have, please share this, and tell me if you would enjoy the following transes I have gone through up to now.

Take care,


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