1. Thou shalt have a goal

If you’re coming in the gym not knowing what you’re going to do and why, then you’re losing 50% of the benefits. I recognise you have taken the hardest step which is to simply show up. But now that you’re there make it count. Buy, find, create a program, and follow it. Have a goal when you’re in the gym.

2. Thou shalt warmup

So many gym rats just go straight to the bars and machines and rep it out. Do at least 3 sets of the given exercise to warm the correct muscles up. Do full controlled reps, get a slight pump, break a sweat, and fire the engine up. Push too hard, too fast, and you’ll snap. Warm Up.

3. Thou shalt stretch

I used to think I stretched. I didn’t. Stretching is taking away the binding tightness to give the opportunity to your muscles to fire correctly. By taking 3 to 5 minutes to stretch the proper muscles, tendons and ligaments and give my joints the sufficient mobility to execute the movements correctly has allowed me to increase my performance by 5% in 9 weeks. Stretch.

4. Thou shalt keep good form

When you execute a movement, make sure you are going it correctly. Take a video from side, 3/4 view, front, and make sure you are going low enough (i.e. : all you half squatters deserve a wet slap in the face. I cringe more when I see you than when I see 50 year old alcoholics with poney tails and 5 teeth hitting on teenagers. Squat to depth (top of the hip below the knee), touch your chest when you bench press, keep your elbows tucked when you curl and no body movement, get at least your chin over the bar when you do a pulp, and go down to arms fully extended. These are only a few examples. Keep Good Form.

5. Thou shalt share equipment

This entails a few things. First off, you can use UP to two pieces of equipment. You are not allowed to use 10, and get pissed off because people start to use them. If you leave for 12 minute rounds to use your ten machines, of course the first is going to be taken when you come back (true story, the dude refused to let anyone interfere). If you do a circuit, use your head, and use one piece of equipment in several different ways. We’re all on the same team here. Share your equipment.

6. Thou shalt re-rack your weights

The gym is a shared space. You’re not at your moms, there aren’t people that are paid to follow you around and rack the weights. Yes the person that comes after you WILL be bothered by having to pick your shit up after you, or look all over the gym for the weights you misplaced and were too weak to re-rack. When you get off a machine clean it. Once you’re done with your deadlift, take ALL the plates off and put them on weight racks. No the next person doesn’t like it when all the weights are lying on the floor next to the bar. Even worse when they’re still ON the bar. Just be an adult. Re-rack your weights.

7. Thou shalt respect personal space

When I’ve got a heavy bar across my back and I’m ready to squat, don’t come and pick up weights that are hanging from my squat rack. If I’m about to deadlift, try not to walk right in front of my face with your dirty shorts. Give me at least 3 feet of space when you walk around me. It’s distracting, dangerous, and people get aggressive when things are dangerous. And if a pretty women is in the gym, don’t get close to her, let her do her workout. Respect personal space.

8. Thou shalt be hygienic

Please… please try and have a minimum amount of human decency and realise that clean sportswear, and perfumed armpits usually help people to like you. Yes you’re about to sweat, yes it’s normal to have a little body odour, but don’t make a challenge out of it. wear your gear ONCE and then WASH IT. if you forgot, then go buy a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for 6€. Be hygienic.

9. Thou shalt not give unsolicited advice

Unless I am about to injure myself because I don’t have the same weight on both sides of the bar, don’t tell me that what I’m doing is wrong. You don’t know what my training routine is. If I’m about to break the equipment, then  come tell me. But apart from that, don’t give unsolicited advice.

10. Thou shalt help beginners

The only exception to exception to 9 :  Beginners are sometimes young, sometimes overweight, sometimes skinny, and sometimes shying away, clueless on machines and barbells. Go say hi to them, ask if they need any guidance. If they don’t, leave them alone. if they do, give them the help you never had. Give them the tip that changed how you lift. make sure they want to stay because they feel like this is a friendly place. Help beginners.

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