Partying too much? Going to bed later? Trying to do too many things at once?

You’re probably too tired…I make the wrong choices when I get tired.

When it’s eating junk food, drinking alcohol on weekdays, wanting to go to the club, binge watching shows while looking at my phone… Yep, it all happens MORE when I’m tired.

You’d think you’d want to sleep more, eat healthier, start exercising, stay at home more, take care of yourself when you get tired but you don’t. You just keep on digging a hole that gets deeper and deeper until it’s your body that breaks out into a bad cold, a fever, digestive issues, depression, and those FORCE you to rest.

I was like that until two years ago.

And I used to wonder why my strength and fat loss goals weren’t being met. And you want to know what I figured out? When my willpower is down, I’m looking for EXTERNAL sources of fun and relaxation instead of creating those situations by myself.

When I get too tired, I don’t have the energy to eat a good clean meal, decide to turn the light off and go to bed even though I haven’t finished my episode of Mad Men.

When I’m tired, I want dirty fuel! I want the world to give to me. I want to TAKE. I would be drained and unproductive during the day, so “smart ol’ me” figured that if I went to bed later, I could try and do what I wanted… but I was just feeding the cycle of uselessness. And I WOULD get to bed late, but do nothing, be guilty, and stay up.

It may look like something obvious when you look at it from the outside, or when you are reading these lines, but the truth is it took me 15 years to figure that one out.

So here it is in a nutshell :

The more I’m tired, the worse I do. Until I break.

TADA! Wonderful insight isn’t it? I hope it saves you time.

That is why everyone is so cyclical. They go through a phase of wanting to clean up their life. So most of the time they do everything right like eat healthy, exercise, drink less… but they never focus enough on sleep and rest. In fact they sometimes SLEEP LESS to give themselves room to accomplish all the great things they want to accomplish.

But then comes the loss of energy. They don’t have the sleep requirements to win the willpower battle… and then they stop everything and revert back to bad ol’ habits… that are easy, that give pleasure but no long term benefits.

So please do things in the right order. Sleep first. Once you’ve mastered the art of sleeping, you can then get to the next stages which are nutrition, flexibility, mobility, exercise, mindfulness and detoxing.

So take it easy, do the right things, and do those things right.


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