I haven’t written an article in a month… this 12 week diet, social media posting, increased clientèle, as well as my focus group for online coaching (coming soon) is making my time and energy scarce. I may have taken on more than I could swallow resulting in quite a lot of stress… BUT! I have pushed out of my comfort zone, and after five weeks I am finally more comfortable with the increased workload.

Growing comes in spurts.
Sisyphus by Franz Stuck

As you may have seen, life has been going pretty well, but not very creative. Just doing the work that had to be done… And I don’t think it is because if tiredness as I’ve actually been trying to be careful with my sleep. Time is not an issue either, as there is nearly always a way to carve out space in between sessions. All I’ve been doing in those hours is listening to podcasts and scrolling on Instagram.

I came to the realisation that I haven’t been solving any new problems… because I haven’t really hit any walls.  I have just been working on the same things five weeks straight.

I realise I am more inspired and creative when I’m tired and stressed out. And that may be true for two separate reasons.

  1. I let my mind wander off, and the ideas come easier
  2. I make more mistakes, and in my mind, articles should be problem solving. So when things are good, I lack inspiration.
Funny right? Well… That triggered another thought…

Imagine only feeling alive when life isn’t going well? That the only time you feel like you are living your purpose is when bad things happen to you, or around you, and you fight your way through it and get a rush of accomplishment. It may sound good to start off with, but it actually is quite bad if you derive too much pleasure from that accomplishment.

If you only feel alive and doing well when you overcome difficult situations two things can happen :

  1. The positive aspect of it is actually that you can face adversity with fear but develop the knowledge that you can overcome that situation, and come out of it stronger.
  2. The issue comes when you start CREATING small insignificant drama and difficulty in your life so that you feel you have meaning, and that you are actually accomplishing something. We all know those people, and they don’t end well… Or get their own TV show because they life petty pseudo dramatic lives and get paid so that people feel pity for they broken minds.

I guess that is where a lot of artists and creative people stay stuck. They live dramatic, “passionate » lives fuelled by drugs, alcohol, fast women and sleepless nights only to commit suicide when it all gets too difficult.

Don’t be them. Take care of yourself, be inspired by an energised purposeful life, not a drama filled problem solving one.

Take it easy.


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