This is a quick article to stop and think.
Here is what happened :
I went to the gym with my brand new wireless sweat proof headphones, all pumped up with coffee and adrenaline to do my maximal effort workout.
Midway through my workout my podcast stops. I figure it’s either my internet connection that stopped, or involuntarily pressed the stop button. But no, my headphones stopped working. After only two weeks of use. So I figured I’ll give it a go when I get home. I do. Nothing happens.
I’m imagining everything I’ll have to go through…. go the the store, queue for an hour, negotiate how it’s only been two weeks since I’ve had them, wait for a week or two to get them repaired, throw a tantrum…. So at this point i’m having an existential crisis over my headphones not working.
I have to go work and take public transport for 1h30mins with no headphones. Not happy. But I have to go.
After about 20 minutes of grumbling, I realised I was taking the time to think as I walked. I usually listen to podcasts, music, youtube videos. Half walking, standing or sitting, and half listening and picturing myself with these great people I’m listening to.
But I had silence for once. And I let my mind flow and ideas go. I actually had time to think. And lo and behold! I got to take care of lots of different things, have new ideas for articles, for new exercices for my clients, and this neat little article.
I arrived at my client’s full of energy and happy. And left happy to write in the transports.
I thought I took time to think when I meditate, but I don’t. When I meditate, I don’t go through problems, I let them glide over and past me.
I thought I was doing good by listening to audiobooks and podcasts on training, philosophy, spirituality, nutrition, but learning doesn’t solve my life.
These moments when I am in between places are perfect for reflection, planning, and new ideas, and implementing what I learn. because being a living book isn’t going to help me much.
If you aren’t giving yourself space and time to think deeply about what you have to do, stop bombarding yourself with information.
Take it easy,

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