As I am progressing on my journey, I have realised that there are big domains you have to focus on, and in each one of those there are important steps to take, and in each of those important steps, there are small pieces of information that all make a difference.
all the small things
There are one thousand things you can do to be healthy. And they are all important.
We all hope for the one answer. But that would be too easy. Everyone has his own answer he has to find.
This is a long road. And every single step counts. My attempt here is to list what I do for health, and write micro articles on each one. It also helps to have an overview once you start getting entailed in the overwhelm of everything that has to be done. A quick read of the bullet points really helps as a reminder.
I have split what I do for health in 7 domains I focus on. And each one is split into subdomains, and subtasks.


  • Turn your phone off while you sleep
  • No screens less than 6ft from your face 1h before bedtime
  • Sleep in a cool room
  • Sleep in a pitch black dark room
  • Make sure it is quiet
  • Monitor your sleep
  • No alcohol before bed
  • No coffee, caffein, stimulants before bedtime
  • Have a cold shower in the evening
  • Have a hot bath in the evening
  • Sleep in 1h30min increments (think blocks)
  • Prepare your day the night before
  • Prepare your stuff the night before
  • Choose your clothes the night before
  • Read a book before bedtime
  • Know if you are a Wolf, Dolphin, Bear or Lion
  • Have your carbs before you go to bed


  • Grass fed butter is awesome
  • Trans fats are not your friends
  • Eat lots of different colours
  • Eat varied meats
  • Eats nuts, but only a handful a day
  • If you are too fat, track you calories
  • If you are too skinny, track your calories
  • Drink water between meals and not during
  • Have some lemon and salt in you water in the morning
  • Have some ginger once a week
  • Have some curcuma once a week
  • Have some garlic twice a week
  • Throw away the cooking water from the cruciferous vegetables and rince
  • Origano is an anti-inflammatory herb
  • Cilantro is a heavy metal chelator
  • Krill oil is better than fish oil for omega 3
  • Never cook olive oil
  • Stay away from mould
  • Don’t eat predatory fish
  • Don’t eat any sugar, unless you have just worked out less than 30 mins ago
  • Alcohol will kill your gains and your sleep
  • Don’t eat too much gluten
  • Don’t eat too much dairy


  • Do the stretches you hate the most the most often
  • Don’t force a stretch, relax into it
  • A massage will increase your flexibility
  • Vary the angles of stretches
  • Stretch daily, but not everything
  • Stretch your feet and hands
  • Seperate stretching and exercising
  • Stretch large muscle chains for assessment
  • Stretch specific muscles for progress
  • If you feel it’s ripping, it probably is 
  • Stretch when your muscles are “cold »
  • Stretch when your muscles are “warm »
  • Contract and relax
  • Smash your muscles
  • Deload your joints



  • Move every day
  • Love the floor
  • Progress slowly
  • Sit as little as possible
  • Dance
  • Buy a stool for your stool
  • Do animal walks
  • Do some weightless work
  • Do some weighted work
  • Change the angles
  • Change often
  • Invent your own exercices


  • Train very heavy in compound movements
  • Train hypertrophy in isolated movements
  • Grab on tight
  • Change the width often
  • Change the depth often
  • Change the angles often
  • Use a barbell
  • Use special barbells
  • Use a dumbell
  • Add bands
  • Add chains
  • Work fast
  • Work slow
  • Stay tight
  • Get agressive
  • Don’t over hype yourself
  • Take long rests for max work
  • Take short rest for hypertrophy
  • Take very short rests for conditioning
  • Plan the reps and weights for maximal effort
  • Don’t plan the reps and weights for hypertrophy
  • Test yourself every quarter
  • Have a plan
  • Don’t plan too far ahead
  • The shortest path a is a straight line
  • Use your hamstrings in the squat
  • Use your lats in the bench
  • Use your quads in the deadlift
  • Train your abs every day
  • Conditioning is very important


  • Chose a specific time, place, and method when you are learning
  • Meditate anywhere
  • Meditate the length of time you need to
  • Try different methods of meditation
  • Close you eyes
  • Open your eyes
  • Be still
  • Be mindful when you walk sometimes
  • Disconnect your phone
  • Get angry
  • Don’t become numb


  • Alpha Lipoid Acid
  • Trans Resveratrol
  • Psterostilbene
  • Magnesium
  • Ginger
  • Curcuma
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Oigano
  • Cilantro
  • Kombucha
  • Vitamin C
  • Wear earplugs in cities
  • Wash your hands often
  • Filter your water
  • Stay away from BPA
  • What are you putting on your body?
  • Aluminium
  • Mercury
  • Photo-Oestrogrens
  • Silicone
If you have any advice or ideas, I would love to answer questions directly or via an article.
Take it easy!

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