« Not-doing is very simple but very difficult. It is not a matter of understanding but of mastering it. » – Don Juan, in Journey To Ixtlan, by Carlos Castaneda –

I have started Time Restricted Eating, and something clicked in my mind. I was spending time eating when I didn’t really need it.

We all believe in motivation, planning and action. We spend hours procrastinating to get into the right space of mind, we prepare for the battle, and go fight the world. DO! DO! DO! 

When in fact subtracting from life gives power. Tim Ferriss thinks this also, here is his Not-To-Do list.

Don’t eat too much. Don’t drink too much. Don’t overthink. Let Go.

On Not Doing

There is an elegance, an artform to NOT doing. A purity, a healing quality, a clarity and a space you can draw energy and happiness from.

Binge watching netflix isn’t NOT DOING. Zombie staring at Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube Neither. That’s procrastination.

Try and get bored by not doing ANYTHING. See how spontaneously you’ll start producing, and being creative, out of emptiness.

Our minds are wired to act. We act on everything. More often than not the solution lies in creating voids, letting them suck us in and transport us. Streamline your life, and get rid of friction.

Free yourself and stop doing useless things because you’ve always done them. Find out what is slowing you down.

  1. Work only do important things, or things you enjoy. Don’t work to escape.
  2. Only go out to see people you love. Don’t go out because your life feels empty.
  3. Try and eat unprocessed foods you digest well. Don’t eat if you aren’t hungry. 
  4. Have a drink as a celebration. Don’t drink alcohol because it’s that time of the day.
  5. Let yourself go to sleep. Don’t try to sleep.
  6. Shut the world off, and spend a moment in silence. Don’t try to relax.
  7. Exercise optimally. It is better to rest too much than not enough. 

Not doing is more powerful than doing.

Take it easy.


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