I’ve been thinking a lot about social media, because I have realised (thanks Gary Vee) that the modern methods of marketing and branding all happen on Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Youtube… all these platforms are pulling for attention, and my job as a Solo Preneur is to send the message out there that I exist, and that I have services that I am sure interest you very much.

But having to spend more time on these platforms is extremely difficult. I find myself confronted to thousands of different people who are smarter, stronger, more beautiful, have more talent, more muscle, better dressed, have more money, and more often than not all at the same time.

Do you know what the worst part of it is? they all look like really nice people. So when I get tired, or on a day that things don’t quite go the way I would like them to, I find myself pondering on what I am worth.

I am not strong enough?

I am not smart enough?

I am not rich enough?

I need to be leaner…

I need better clothes…

I need more friends…

I need a better social life…

How do people do so much with they lives?

etc etc etc

But I don’t even know what that means.

Enough… Enough compared to what? Lifting more than who? Better looking than who? What is all this nonsense about?

I found an answer in Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules For Life” in Rule number 4 which is – Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not Who Someone Else Is Today.

And it freed me. I AM on a path of betterment. I AM getting better everyday in even the slightest of things. I AM growing a community of people I love, of people who trust me. I read more, listen more, care more, give more. And even if I didn’t do all of that, even if I was in a rut I couldn’t get out of, even if I was doing things that were plunging me deeper in depths that are destroying me, I am still enough.

I am enough.

I am enough because the simple fact I exist gives me a right to be acknowledge. Respect, and any amount of success we acquire comes with effort and self discipline. But no one can make me believe I am unworthy of anything. I have a right to WISH for everything. This is where the paradox lies, and you one has to pay close attention. You ARE worthy, but you have to PROVE you are worthy.

There is a symptom called the impostor syndrome, that we all feel, that we SHOULD all feel. It should help us strive for betterment, but we must acknowledge that everyone started as a clueless child, teenager young adult. It is learning and working got us to where we are today. Learning and working got us to become people you can count on. People who can help others.

So you are enough. I am enough. We are enough. But be have to strive for betterment. And every step forward made is a slow and steady move in the direction of a better world. Become who you want to be. Not who you think the world wants you to be.

Don’t complain about your situation and hope someone will listen and give you something for it. That’s called begging. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, take a look at your life and make something better. Work at it, and move on to the next.

You are enough, but become a better person. Trying to change the world is presumptuous. Who are you to do that? To change the world, change yourself.


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  1. « So you are enough. I am enough. We are enough. But be have to strive for betterment »- Totally agree with this! We must accept and learn to love ourselves more. And be genuinely be happy cause we are enough.

    1. morganrichardbrown

      Thank you so much for this I don’t think you realise how much it means to me 😊❤️ genuinely be happy, whatever happens, but not entitled!

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