Good morning to everyone! And Happy Hangover!

This is a simple message to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and I would like to suggest you take this time to cut your phone off, take pictures if you want but more importantly look at that beloved one, talk to them, deeply, truthfully, about eveything.

I live in France and we don’t have Thanksgiving, but I really like this idea of just spending time with your family. And nothing else.

No gifts involved, just time. I think we’re losing the art of discussion. Of listening and talking. Of sharing thoughts, emotions, worries, stories of the past year.

We have the attention span of hamsters and I’m one of the worst. So I invite you to simply put your phone away, not think of how many extra followers this next moment will get you, and simply enjoy it.

I realise I am 33 years old, so if I live to be 100, I only have 67 Christmases left. I’ve already done 1/3 of them, and I really want to enjoy them thouroughly.

Take it easy.


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