Please please please pay attention….
This is probably one of the most important articles on this website. Short, but important.
The title says it all. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to be healthy, but they all follow a set of basics that all experts (people paid to know these things) will agree with.
If someone says that training on your toes you will burn off 10% more calories, don’t listen…. if they tell you they heard the “apple diet” is awesome, don’t listen…. If they tell you drinking one glass of wine a night is the same as running 10k a day, don’t listen….
This is all talk. This is happens when you try to find a sneaky way instead of doing the work. It’s playing the lottery. It’s scamming. It’s gross. I know it when I see it, I’ve tried….
Yoga with beer? If it really is the only thing that will get your alcoholic ass moving why not.
Can’t you see this is all just marketing? Really?
« 12 weeks to look like me!” : A bodybuilder that has been at it for the last 15 years. Please people… wake up.
You mostly know WHAT to do. You just try and find the next trend and hope it works. Stick to basics, and put in the work and the time. It works. It really does, and faster than you think.
Here are the secret basics that will get you 80% of where you want to go. All the rest is included in the last 20% of your journey. I put in links of related articles if you want to go deeper on the subjects
stick to basics

1) Sleep : (Article here)

Sleep enough, every day, and don’t think you’ll get an edge by sleeping one or two hours less. You’ll lose in the end. Sleep.

2) Eat Natural Foods : (Article here) 

It shouldn’t have list of ingredient, it should be the ingredient. It should have only undergone one transformation process. Eat enough, eat varied, and when you are truly hungry.

3) Squat, Push, Pull : (Article here ) 

When exercising, you should focus on five basic exercises. The Squat, The Deadlift, The Bench Press, The Pull-Up, The Military Press. If you just do those and variations of those, you will be strong and well balanced.

4) Stretch : (Article here) 

You should take 10 minutes, at least 3 times a week, and stretch whatever feels like it needs stretching.

5) Move :

Walk, run, dance, crawl, swim, bike, climb, roll… Move in different angles, at different speeds, do it as often as you can, and have fun with it! I suggest at least once a week. be inspired by looking at this.

6) Meditate : (Article Here)

Sit down and try to do nothing at leat once a day. Focus on your breath, and let your mind wonder, then bring it back to breathing.

7) Guard and Cleanse : (Coming soon)

Stay away from chemicals, and detox (eat very very very green, organic, and grassfed) once a month.


2 Months of faking “healthy” to get a greasy half-life Summer Bod in August will just make your life harder. Be amazing all year round.
That’s it. You are now a health expert.
With this you can probably be at 80% of what your health goal is.
The last 20% will ask for programming, discipline, the help of an expert, and a radical change in who you are. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help 🙂
Just e-mail me at, or comment below.
Take it easy.

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