Stable vs Unstable Equilibrium

No this isn’t a physics class, more of a philosophy one. I’ve always been fascinated by these laws, and how they apply so incredibly well to our lives. If you seek balance, or equilibrium in your life, you have to make sure everything in your life helps you in doing so.

Let us define Stable and Unstable states of Equilibrium.

Definitions :

Stable Equilibrium : a state of equilibrium of a body such that when the body is slightly displaced it tends to return to its original position. -Merriam Webster-


Unstable Equilibrium : a state of equilibrium of a body such that when the body is slightly displaced it departs further from the original position. – Merriam Webster –

You must seek to create a state of Stable Equilibrium. How you define this for your own life is yours, but you have to find ways to create an environment that will always bring you back to where and who you want to be.

1) Your Friends, Family and Loved Ones :

This is the stickiest point of them all.
When you are engaging on a path of change, if external forces are pulling you away from your goal, any sidestep in your regimen will be increased tenfold by the people around you. If you are surrounded by likeminded or supportive people, you are less likely to quite, bail, slip, or walk away. They will bring you back to where you want to be. Find your tribe, find where you belong, and let the people around you keep you on the right track. You will make your life much easier.

2) Be Where You Should :

I have appointments with myself at the gym. I go there at a certain time, whether I want to or not. And once I am there I might as well get the job done. Some days I’m sore. Some days I’m tired, Some days I would rather be doing something else. But if I’m in the right place at the right time, I will be doing what is necessary.
Find someone that is counting on you. Someone who will always be there. Someone who is used to going to the gym, and go with them. Don’t go with your Beer Buddy, because at some point that person will fail you, or you ill fail them. And you will drag each other into failure.

3) Nothing Is More Tempting Than Temptation

I have nothing tempting at home except for minimum 85% pure dark organic chocolate.
I may want sugar, pasta, pizza, or beer, but I simply can’t binge on crappy food. Why? Because my craving would have to be so strong, I would have to call someone to deliver, or move my porky little ass to the grocery store, shamefully grab the disgusting foods I want, queue, pay, and walk back to my place to eat it. And I’m too lazy for that.
But that also just doesn’t happen because as it isn’t staring me in the face, it has much less power over me. And as time goes by, I have less and less « wants » for theses foods.
 So if I’m hungry, I’ll have an avocado and tomatoes. Lots of them. But they won’t make me fat.
Same when you’re out and about. Always have water and a healthy snack on you, otherwise you’re in for a willpower struggle that you WILL lose.

4) Your House Is Your Temple

Clear out any old stuff you are holding that you are not using. I guarantee you will be more effective in your life. If you need some help on how to do that , read Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. 

5) Guard Your Mind

Unfollow any toxic facebook friends that make you sad or angry (sometimes happy people make you sad, stop looking at their pictures). These emotions are triggers for unhealthy self loathing behaviour.
Unfollow any mega bimbos or oily streoided up bodybuilders on instagram, as you will probably feel inferior or sad you aren’t like them. Instead find people like you. People on the same path as you, and use their small progress as motivation, and competition. They ill bring you back on track.

6) Feed your mind

With all this positivity and uncluttering you will have tens of hours of extra free time (trust me). Use it wisely. Read books on the subjects you are interested in (nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, yoga…. ), or watch youtube videos, or find great podcasts and feed your mind with your goals, or how to get to them. Become a student of your own success, and stay obsessed.

7) Keep track

There is no better way to get back on track than to realise you are going off track. its easier to correct small mistakes than big ones. You can read this article on How To Keep A Log for inspiration.
Take it easy,

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