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Here are the results of the Social Media Free weekend : 

It was really enjoyable… but it didn’t drastically change things either.

The best part was having a breakfast chat instead of zoning out into the abyss of content offered by Instagram and Facebook. The mindless upward swipe, like, swipe, comment was absent, and so we looked ar each other and talked.

It was lovely, and energising. The scroll is a drain to the mind. It makes you turn off, and takes from you. I am not sure what it takes, but it does.

We finished breakfast, got ready and headed straight out to the gym instead of lounging around for 45 minutes to 1 hour, which we realised made us limp and lazy. This saturday, we bounced out about 15 minutes after breakfast, and conversed all the way there. At the gym we had a focused training session, and the got a few hand made dumplings to go, and headed home.

After lunch we simply chilled in bed, watched netflix, played scrabble, rough and tumbled, and relaxed as the day went along.

I work on sunday mornings, so my girlfriend had a chance to go back to Social Media. She told that a simple day off made her realise how mindless it made her, and how useless it feels once you do it. But there is a pull, and attraction to opening your phone, and looking at what is going on. Like Gollum with his Precious in Lord Of the Rings.

Personally, I was glad I could let my head rest for a while. With this blog, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin (and I will try Youtube soon), I was getting a strong feeling I needed to take a step back. I was getting sucked in, constantly worried about the likes, the comments, and the daily visits on this website, and getting very anxious about it.

Taking the time to recharge, and realise it isn’t important was great. And I’m back this week with dozens of new ideas!

It didn’t change our lives, or made us Nobel Prize winners. Neither did we get hyper productive. We just spent more time present with each other, and that is a huge win.

In the short time that a weekend is, we realised that a quick 15-30min of social media a day is plenty, and any more than that is just over indulgence, procrastination, and escapism from the moment.

IN CONCLUSION : We’ll be Social Media free when together on weekends, especially in mornings, where it seems to take a chunk of the day away from your brain.

Stay safe, use Social Media with caution.

Take it easy.



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