Intent and Patience

Each of these could be an article. But each line is a lesson I learnt.

intent and patience

Have intent when you train. Be present. Be patient.

Any progress is progress. Pushing too far will break you. Pushing too little is useless.

Your progress is your progress. Do not compare it to others.

Workouts are lessons.  Learn something at every lesson.

Think in months and years. Not in days and weeks.

Take a step back to BREAK through obstacles. Plateaus are there for your growth.

Sleep more and you will lift more.

Eat well and you will grow and thrive.

Stretching and relaxing will prevent injuries.

Move like and animal and rediscover your body.

Be aggressive on the iron, but stay in control.

Be mindful and focused when you are lifting a weight, whether it is light or heavy.

Becoming better is not a straight line. It has curves, angles, and emotion. Prove yourself you are better than yesterday.

And be at peace when you leave.

You will have good days. And you will have bad days. And they will all take you to where you want to go.

Get better at everything. One tweak at a time. And everything will get better.

Have fun.





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