10 rules of a healthy life

10 rules of a healthy life


Sleep as much as you can, in a dark and cool environment. What time you go to sleep at depends on you. We are all different. Unfortunately most of the world cannot choose at what time they have to go to work. Just do your best to sleep at least 7 hours a night or more. More is better. Sleep Deep.


Eat only natural foods, try and eat in season. Learn how to cook them. Don’t burn them, don’t deep fry them. Eat them organic, wild, free range or grass fed. Stay away from gluten, predatory fish, soy, and grains in general. Eat lots of vegetables, a fair amount of protein, a little starch before going to bed, and very little fruit. Fat is good for you, have grass-fed butter, coconut oil, fish oil and olive oil. Eat Natural.


Take 10 minutes to and 1 hour a day, and meditate. There are many different practices available out there, and so many free apps it might even be hard to know where to start. Pick one, try it for a week. If you like it, stay with it. If you don’t, change it. But keep trying until you feel the benefits. You will. More calm, more focus, more willpower, more peace of mind. All that for ten minutes of quiet breathing every day. Meditate Daily.


Stay flexible. Go try yoga, look at stretching routines on youtube, find a good massage therapist or a physiotherapist but get flexible. You inherently know how to stretch. Just get back in touch with your body. You should be able to touch your toes with straight legs, sit cross legged easily, and lift your arms above your head without arching your back. If you can’t, then Stretch Softly.


Dance, walk on all fours, sit on your heels, climb a tree, roll around on the floor, go for a quick walk up a steep hill, but do something slightly out of your comfort zone, and have fun with it. You need to get that childhood reactiveness and bodily awareness back. You need to move your joints, used them. We weren’t mean to be sitting and lying around 20 hours a day. We are not cats. Move Often.


Do Squats, Pushups, Pull-ups, and Planks to start with. Then once they become easy, go to a gym and start doing Squats, Deadlifts, Bench pressing and Military Presses with very light weights. Then add either repetitions or weight, but keep those numbers up, and get stronger. You bones, joints, muscles, nervous and immune systems, but also your attitude will thank you. Get Strong.


Find a way of cleansing yourself. Start with once a year. Then every quarter. Then once a month. Then one week out of every month. Reset your body. Clean it out. We live in toxic environments. Especially city dwellers. Fluoride, aluminium, mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, your soaps, detergents, hair products, deodorants, EMF (electromagnetic field ) emitters. Combined they are todays killers. Go for walk in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains once a week and feel the difference. Sweat a lot. Fast. Take plenty of anti oxidants. Drink green juices. Go to a spa. Detoxify.


If someone brings negativity into your life, he or she has no place being there. If someone make your life difficult, resolve the issue, bring up the problem, and if they don’t see or understand, or tell you “you have changed”, extract them. Change is GOOD. There are billions of people on the planet. One person should not have control over your happiness. It is either your loved one, your friends, your family, but in no way shape or form should you have to put up with people that bring you down. Choose Your Relationships.


When you catch yourself complaining about something, stop. And never complain out loud. Find how the situation helps you. Find something positive. Find a lesson to be learned. But complaining is useless, and bad for your mood. Once you do that, you will feel like every moment is meant as an experience of growth and happiness, and fear will subside as days go by. Don’t Complain.

10 : GIVE

This might seem corny, but it seems there is a direct correlation between receiving and giving. The fact that spending more time focusing on giving than receiving, wether just a mind trick or a true karmic retribution, works. The more you give, the more you receive. The best thing is you feel good about it. Give.

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