Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 3)

3)  Exercise
The dream we all have is « Eat anything we want and outwork it ».
It doesn’t work very well… That apple you just ate means running for 12 minutes at 10 km/h or 6 miles per hour. You aren’t winning this race.
Nowadays even powerlifters and strong men eat clean to be less fat, healthier and stronger. So hopefully the last chapter helped you out enough that you are ready for the next phase of this fat-loss program : EXERCISE.
Get Good At Losing Fat - Part 3
The general idea I come by when I meet new people, and ask them what they think they have to do is « run, bike and swim » you’ll be thin.
I don’t particularly want to look like marathon runners or cyclists… Swimmers, maybe.
What we forget is those people looked like that and THEN found out they were good at those sports because they were built for success in them. But being fat and then trying to run is not a good idea.
Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts of fat loss with exercise :

What you should be doing :

Resistance training :

Start small with very light weights, and lift things 10 to 12 times, for 3 or 4 sets, then put them down, eat some protein, go home, and have a good night.
If you don’t have a membership to gym yet, or can’t afford it, use your body. Pushups, squats, lunges, planks, side planks… there are 127 million videos on explaining theses exercises. please use the internet to research.
If it took you more than 45min-1hour to exercise, either you like stretching and you have mobility issues, or you spend too much time chatting and looking around. Keep it short , intense and intentful.
Lifting heavy enough weights helps build muscle. No secrets there. But also :
  1. Lifting weights by itself increases your metabolism. You will burn fat doing it.
  2. Your muscles will be stressed, and you have to repair and make them stronger. It will use up the protein you eat, doing so costs energy, and you will burn fat in the building process.
  3. Having more muscle means you burn more calories at rest. So you lose fat as you sleep.
  4. You become more insulin sensitive. Which means you need less sugar to spike hormonal responses. Which means you can buffer sugar better. and therefore lose more fat
Go lift weights.

Walking a lot :

Especially after meals. Walking is VERY low intensity, so its primary fuel source is fat. I don’t mean silly walk (like this), speed walking (like this),  or nordic walking (you have to watch this….) …. I just mean walking around a lot. So if you can walk a good 15 000 steps a day. Take a 10 min walk after every meal like Stan Efferding, and see the difference.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) :

This is the opposite of what I just said, and it works. This is not paradoxical, it is just two extreme ends of the cardio exercise spectrum.
You want EXTREMELY short bouts of high intensity sprints, jumps, or hill runs in bouts of 10 to 20 seconds max, for a maximum of 8 sets.
This will trigger a lot of different processes that will burnt fat faster than an oil lamp (hypoxia, insulin sensitivity, muscle growth…).
My favourite protocol is called a Tabata, which is 8 rounds of 20sec max effort / 10 sec rest. Warmup then try it. It isn’t fun but it is hell of effective. Use this link to time yourself.

What you must not do :

Steady State Cardio :

The is the Gainz Killer. What I mean is that is that steady state cardio that was « in » in the 80’s and 90’s with aerobic exercise (like this) will increase cortisol, reduce testosterone, increase appetite for carbohydrates, and give you heart attacks.
Unless you have race you are preparing for, or running is your way of meditating in life, I wouldn’t do it. And especially not if you are overweight.

Silly Exercises :

Stay simple. No balancing on boards while juggling puppies unless you are paid to do it. You won’t get leaner any faster. Increase weight, increase reps, or increase sets, but don’t increase silliness. It will just add risks of injury.

Injure yourself :

The secret to fast success in fitness in never injure yourself. So unless you have to beat someone to put food on the table, fight for your life, or you are one of the top 10 in the world, stay safe.
Increase weight slowly (2,5kg/5 pounds per week per lift maximum) and if you don’t feel like you can do it, don’t. Stay at the previous weight and do more reps. If you can’t do more than 3 reps, don’t even try and increase the weight.
Learn proper technique, and if the “proper” you follow doesn’t feel right, then try another “proper”. Ask several sources and see what cues crossover from one expert to the next, and stay with those. Listen to how your body responds, and listen to your own common sense.

Too much exercise :

If you exercise every day too much, you just won’t make any progress.
These articles are in a specific order.
First you must be rested. then you must be well fed. Then you can exercise, and stress your body out, but then it is back to square one.
I recommend 3 times a week to start. Once you hit a plateau, and you have learned more about yourself, go for 4 times a week, etc.

Do crunches to lose belly fat :

If you do bicep curls, you won’t lose arm fat, so why think that doing abs will make your waist slimmer?
Fat is lost overall. And you have more or less fat cells in different places in your body. Say you have 100 fat cells on your belly, and 2 fat cells on your arms. If every fat cell loses 1 unit of fat, your arms will have lost 2, and your belly will have lost 100. So every fat cell loses the same thing, it’s just that you have more in certain places.
Just work on your whole body, and the fat loss will take care of itself.
Hope you liked the infos, stay tuned for part 4 : REDUCING STRESS.
Take it easy,

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