I should have written this article long ago. It probably should have been the first article I wrote. But I didn’t know at that time. I had a hint (yep.. the title of this bog IS the SLOW method), but I didn’t actually grasp what slow actually meant.

Your life is a huge endeavour. You should view it as a cargo ship. When you’re a child you’re more like a raft and you’re rattle and pushed and shoved around, but as you start gathering knowledge, and experience, you tend to be more solid but also harder to manoeuvre.

If a cargo ship goes in the wrong direction, then the energy it takes to change its course is crazy. And the time it takes to go in the exact right direction is also crazy. And it doesn’t actually change direction the moment you turn the wheel. You turn the wheel and it takes before it even starts to budge.

So enough with the metaphors, but change is a commitment you have to take and know it is going to take years to get any kind of measurable and during change.

change is a slow process

Why am I telling you this? Because I have been rummaging through my notebooks. Just my random thoughts, my weekly schedules, my mindset on good and bad days, the empty months when I didn’t actually write anything. And I had the fantasy that things would get achieved in weeks or months, when it generally is a several year process.

I’m not stupid, and I am not lazy. Maybe I’m very ineffective. Maybe I procrastinate too much and it is all my fault. But I follow through, however much time it takes, and I always get what I want in the end. I get slapped in the face and get back up. And you should too. If you give it work, and time, why on earth shouldn’t you achieve your physical, financial, or personal goals?

The hardest parts are starting, and never giving up. Even if you take a break for a day, a week, a month, a year, to know that whatever you started you are going to finish.

What I would like you to take away from this article is the notion that you will probably not get to where you want to go in the timespan you have set for yourself. Not the fist time you try anyway. You don’t know yourself enough for that. And each and every time you try, you learn, and get better at what you do. And each time you get better, you get to get closer to your goal.

But you know what is even better than getting what you want? All the things you didn’t know you needed that you find on the way. All the problems you had to solve to actually get to your destination. Realising that you had chains, and walls, poisonous people in your life that were all holding you back. That you had inefficient habits that were just making things difficult for you. That your life was far more complicated than it has to be.

And the realisation that all you need is love and purpose in your life will make everything 100% more enjoyable.

So take your time, do things correctly, and enjoy the ride.


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