Take Meditation With You

Some people like to go through a ritual of sitting in the same position, at the same time, in the same place to anchor their state of meditation to a specific set of cues that helps them get into a deep state of meditation easier.
I disagree a little. I kind of anchor myself with a specific hand position that I saw during a trance I went through. Which helps me. But I try and meditate in as many different places and times as I can.
Like today. I saw I had three major debits on my accounts, which means both my personal and professional card numbers have been stolen and someone is having a lot of fun with them. I had to stop everything I was doing, and deposit a fraud claim so i can get my money back….
I got angry and frustrated, and thought this was all unfair. Having a 35min train ride to go to my bank, I thought this was exactly the right moment to meditate. My oh my does it help let go….
And the idea of this article sprung from that train ride ^^
Not being able to take meditation with you is not taking full advantage of it. You should take that state with you during the day, and in moments of crisis. When your mind is rushing it’s nice to know there is a quiet place inside of you, wherever you may be.
So try it. Go to a park. On your next bus or train ride. While in the waiting room. Queuing in line. Meditate when you’re happy, hungry, angry, or sad, or lonely. Take the time to be yourself with yourself anywhere you are. And enjoy it.
People may look at you strangely. Some may even wonder what is going on. I was interrupted by a “hey! hey! are you meditating?” from a group of young guys. I just opened my eyes, smiled and nodded and they smiled and moved on.
Let it go.
Meditating is a practise that you should be able to take everywhere, that teaches you to settle in yourself. Practise being mindful everywhere.
Take it easy.
And have fun.
Ps : However please secure your phone, wallet, and bag before doing so… I live in Paris France and pickpockets are no joke.  

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