Cherish Your Difference

I know this is a rehashed theme, but I think it is important to assess. I’m different. I’m ginger. I’ve never been rejected because of it, I don’t know if I was lucky, if I’m funny enough or good enough sports to get some respect from it, but being ginger was never a problem but a pride I had. That was who I was. The ginger kid, and I still am. Fortunately, the ginger theme is getting more and more widespread as acceptance has risen and we get to have babies easier 😉But that is not the only thing that singles me out. My torso is the length of a 2,10m person and my legs are that of a 1,65m person. My legs have always been like tree trunks. I can’t wear rollerblades. My arms are slightly long compared to my general height, but my shoulders aren’t very wide. It basically means look silly in shirts and costumes. I am heavy for my size (90kg for 1,77m) I have very large lungs (7 litre capacity), I put fat on really easily, I have hyperhydrose, a slight scoliosis. I am not especially strong, explosive or endurant.All I’m saying is my cards weren’t dealt perfectly. And I’m actually enjoying overcoming my differences. There are sports for everyone out there. And the fact that you are different is probably a good thing somewhere out there. You can’t hide that difference. You can’t carry is as a burden all your life that would be to hard. Instead turn it around and use it as a strength. My incapacity to lose weight for years means I’v ebecome an expert at it. I have tried at least fifty different approaches, some compiled. The difficulties I’ve had to overcome made me better than if I had just had the best of everything given to me. Some of the saddest people in the world are the sons and daughters of rich, beautiful, successful celebrities that go through the trauma of having everything taken care of for them. You sometimes think life is difficult for you, that you wish you had it better, easier, more money falling from the sky, to be born beautiful, slim, muscular. Any wishful thinking like that brings only misery. You can’t dwell on things you can’t change. So celebrate the fact that you are alive, and beat the 400 trillion to 1 odds and won. Make the most of it!When you have a band of superheroes, in most cases they have different and complementary powers, and their alliance helps them overcome a great threat (except for superman who isn’t a relatable hero to me). That is who you want to be. One of those superheroes that has inherent qualities to him that he uses for the greater good, and is banded with different people who all strive for a same goal, a same value system, and who work together to make the world a better place. So look at yourself as you are. Find what makes you unique, what strength those differences give you, and make the most of them. Be your own Super Hero. Take it easy,Morgan.

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