My First Trance happened instinctively, but on the 1st of October 2013, I decided to go into my Second.

I followed the same protocol. Went into the jacuzzi at my local swimming pool on a day I knew there weren’t going to be a lot of people around, sat down, closed my eyes, and envisioned going down 20 steps onto the luminous platform that was the entry point to my subconscious.

I went  down the twenty steps and to my surprise the platform wasn’t empty.

Trance 2 _ 1

Standing there was a white robed figure with black dark hair that was resembled Sadako from The Ring but she had the face of my mother. No need to say this was not reassuring.

On a small table in the room was a key, and I looked at my mother who was kind of scary, and she was pointing to a tiny wooden door at the far end of the platform.

Trance 2 _ 2

I took the key and suddenly transformed into a child again, ran towards the door, tried it but it didn’t work.

Trance 2 _ 3

I turned around to see my mother transform, blackball wing growing out of her and her face transferring into a vampire-like dragon. The key I had in my hand transformed into a sword, but the sword did nothing to her.

Trance 2 _ 4

So I let go of the key, and grew and grew and grew until I became big enough to grab my monster-mother into my hand and crunch her to calm her down.

Trance 2 _ 5

Once she regained composure, I put her down and she pointed to the door again. This time it was open. I shrunk back to my normal self, and went through the now open door.

Trance 2 _ 6

In that door was a hole in the floor, like a well that I dove into. I them climbed out of the other side of the the hole, and come into garden with three separate paths in it.

Trance 2 _ 8

One of the paths led to a small and, a bench, and a small tree whose branches grew into a kind of shade making cover over the bench. I decided I would put my mother there where she could find peace, and so I could come and ask for her guidance if I needed it.

Trance 2 _ 9

The second path led to a huge tree whose roots pushed the ground up into several small mounds around it.

Trance 2 _ 10

The third path led to the future well, where I could see my future.

Trance 2 _ 11

I went to see my mother on the bench in the little park. She looked peaceful, nothing like she was earlier on. She told me “I’m your motherly love, you can come here wherever you need to”.

And that was the end of it. My guess is I had to grow up and stand up to my mother in order to find peace of mind.

What do you think this all meant?


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