There IS A Solution To Your Problem

Sometimes, we hit brick walls when it comes to training, getting healthier, or stronger, leaner. But whatever issue you may be having there is a solution out there.

You won’t have a twin with your exact genetics, but someone out there that has had the exact same issue you are having with similar strength, similar limb lengths, and that person has overcome the issue. 

And if there isn’t, then you could be the one that find the solution to help the others. But unless you are paid for what you do and you spend every minute of every hour son your day obsessing about your performance and you still aren’t making progress beyond your sticking point, then fear not for you won’t be stuck forever. 

Maybe you won’t find it on this website, but someone out there has a solution to your problem, and he, or she, will be glad to help you out of the rut. 

Having excuses is so 1995.

What happened since then?

Internet happened. I was downloading full presentations on “the moon” in 1998, and the internet had barely started. My grades were awesome back then.

Can you imagine the power that resides in a near infinite amount of people facing and infinite amount of problems, and sharing their solutions on the web? Magic! 

That time is now.

We live in a world where everyone is sharing almost everything they do. Youtube stars are wiping their make up off and showing their pimples, and how they manage them. Instagram models show their before and after photographs showing how they show their best side, while also showing when they are bloated, or fatter.

And this is all good. We all have issues we deal with, and we are sharing them more and more with the world.

So go ask Google.

Find that person, or that group of people that looks like you, and has dealt with your problem. Or one similar enough that you can learn from them and apply it to your life.

There IS a solution to your problem, and it might even be on this website!

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