Have you ever wondered who “They” are. You know Those People. The ones who text when they drive. That don’t pick up after their dogs. That get too close to you when you are standing in line. The ones that wait to cross a street ON THE STREET instead of standing on the sidewalk. The ones that stand in front of opening doors on the subway and try to get on before anyone comes off. That speak too loud in restaurants, that don’t apologise when they bump into you.

Who Are Some People?

We often use the term “Some People”, or “People« , when we refer to group of individuals that seem to be doing things we find idiotic or outrageous. 

Do you know who those People are? I have been thinking about it for a few weeks and have come to realisation….. I believe they are short term driven people.

Let me explain. What is despicable in our eyes are attitudes and actions that are selfish, and will cause either harm, mistrust, or anger in the immediate and future. 

Anyone who scams, steals, takes short cuts, or suppose they somehow don’t need to follow rules, be polite, and generally demand better treatment than others. “Those people” don’t see that the long term benefit of doing good in the world is actually living in a better world.

As they are rarely corrected in their attitude, they keep going because they were probably taught you have to grab opportunities that lie in front of you. If anyone says anything to them, all they have to do is scream louder, and everyone will shut up. Yeah, because shouting does win arguments… in the short term. 

Why am I talking about this?

Because this applies to Sports, Health, and Nutrition. Most of the business preys on Them, the short sighted. The ones that can’t project in months or years, and thrive in the short term superficial goals instead of focusing on what counts : health, strength and happiness. 

They go for : 

  • looks and weight instead of heath and strength
  • cheat foods that taste the same but have less something (0% whatever)
  • look at their program in weeks instead of months or years, and usually have a temporary date goal, after which they will stop
  • go for plastic surgery because they can’t get to where they want by themselves
  • work only on the parts they want, and don’t have holistic view of their body-
  • seemingly « fast progress » and “tricks” to get better instead of steady planned progress (also known as quarter reppers)
Quarter Rep
Quarter Rep

And you are probably a They in something in your life. I am in the financial world. I can’t seem to slowly and surely build a steadily growing financial basis. I always have something I want to buy, and can’t stick to a budget. I go from short term pleasure instead of long term happiness. As soon as I have any extra, it seems to just disappear. Thankfully my better half is an expert at this and I’ve slowly but surely been making progress in that domain. 

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and the first step to realising it is to make sure you aren’t lying to yourself. 

So step back and take a good look. What areas of your life have you been only grabbing for the shortcut and could use some deep work, and long term planing? 

Your Health? Nutrition? Exercise? 

There are no shortcuts. The fastest way to get lean, strong, and healthy is to start as soon as possible, and doing it as often as possible. That’s it. There are just good habits, great planning, and consistent work to be put in and monitored. Get out of the “some people” mentality, get a pen and start planning. 

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Thank you for reading.


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