There are no special tricks or super hacks when it comes to getting stronger, faster, more endurant, and generally better at any sport.

What it takes is a first decision. Having a goal. An attainable goal. Make a plan to achieve that goal at a certain date. Work backwards to today. Make a plan, and stick to it.

That’s it. It takes a goal, a plan, and action.

Great article huh? Thank you very much.

So the sticking point is usually in the “sticking to the plan”. In order for a plan to work it takes time. Building your body is like growing plants, you can’t accelerate the process. You have create a stimulus, then you have to let your body grow and adapt to the stimulus you put in under.

If you don’t stick to the plan long enough it will just not have enough time to show the results. A BARE MINIMUM for anything to START working is 3 months, or 12 weeks. A good mid point would be about a year. If you want to make sure you’ve mastered your plan, you can stick to the same thing for I would say up to three years.

The plan you have probably comes from someone who told you it worked. If it worked for them, t ill probably work for you. But you need to understand the whole plan, and then all the exercises that compose it.

  • You need to master the technical aspects. How to execute each movement correctly.
  • You need to master the recovery aspects of it. How much time you need between lifts, between sessions, and when to reduce intensity or volume in the greater plan to recover from the compounded damage that has accumulated over the weeks.
  • You need to master your strengths and weaknesses. You are made differently than anyone else. You have to understand and accept that. Double down on your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths.
  • You need to master your nutrition. Find what you like, what you can digest easily, how much you should eat, and what to eat at what moments of the day.

And all that takes a HUGE amount of time and dedication. But the payoff is incredible. If you just dabble for three weeks on one program and skip over to the next and wonder why nothing works for you, it is because YOU are doing it wrong.

  • Most programs that have worked will work for you.
  • Most diets that have worked will work for you.

But you have to put in the work for it to work. If you can’t face the extra load of thinking and preparing, there are thousands of coaches around you and online that would be more than happy to take the thinking out of the equation and do it for you against proper payment (send me an e-mail 😉 or just DM me on Facebook or Instagram )

So decide where you are going, chose a program that will take you there, and stick to it, until it works.

Take it easy,


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