Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 1)

Most of us at some point in our lives have wanted or needed to lose weight. But that’s not really what we wanted to do. Truth is we really wanted to lose FAT.
Losing fat is not easy. If it as it wouldn’t be a multibillion dollar business. And on top of that it’s not simple. There are several things that can get in the way of you losing that extra flab.
Get Good At Losing Fat
So in this series of small articles, I am goind to lay out MOST of the ways you can lose fat, and hopefully help you unlock those resistant fat cells that just won’t let you look how you want to. I purposely separated the articles so you can try them out one by one.
In each section I will tell you what you should and should not do in the main areas of focus, and then give you some bonus tips to accelerate everything.


YES! Sleep yourself thin! isn’t that remarkable!
Why not start with the obvious nutrition? Because it’s important, but not as important as sleep. You can survive for 2 months without eating. Try living a week without sleeping…
If you are fat it is because your hormones are all over the place. Whether storage (insulin), stress (cortisol), sexual (testosterone), melatonin, thyroid or growth hormone, they are all dependent on your sleep. You have the power of getting healthier and slimmer by simply doing nothing for longer.
I knew you would like this…

What you should be doing :

Measure your sleep :

Get an app on your phone like sleep cycle, and measure how long and how well you sleep. I cannot emphasise how easy and helpful it is to measure progress  in sleep, but simply doing that will help you be better at everything in your life.

Sleep more :

You should be waking up refreshed and without an alarm clock. This usually means 8 to 9 hours of sleep or more. If you believe you can sleep less, and you are still fat, try sleeping more. If you already sleep more then…

Sleep better :

The quality of your sleep also matters. To increase it you must :
  • Sleep in a pitch « I can’t see my hand in front of your face » black room.
  • It has to be cool enough you don’t want to get out from under the covers.
  • And when you start yawning and feeling tired, turn the tv off and go to sleep.
If you download Sleep cycle, they have a neat little input that allows you to track your day (steps, time spent at work, time spent shopping, training) and see what influences your sleep called Life cycle. Awesome stuff.
As for the time you go to need at… As the Michael Breus explains it in The Power Of When, there are four types of people :
  • Lions : early to bed, early to rise
  • Wolves : late to bed, late to rise
  • Bears : Follow the sun
  • Dolphins : All over the place
Find out who you are and your life will thank you.

What you must not do :

Have a short night :

Even just a short night can make you pre-diabetic. Yes sleeping is that important. Unless under extreme emergency, don’t sleep less than 6 hours a night. Ever. Respect and treat your sleep SERIOUSLY, your life depends on it.

Drink alcohol before sleeping :

Alcohol may help you go to sleep, but it decreases the quality of your sleep and disrupts your hormones. Please try and keep it to NO ALCOHOL as long as you haven’t reached your fatloss goals. Make it a 30 day challenge. If you do everything right and you still have that resistant pouch on your belly… yep, that’s alcohol.

Being less than 6 feet away from screens 1h before bed :

Your eyes are great at sucking up light. They are really sensitive little organs. The blue light emitted from your phone, TV or computer are in the blue spectrum a.k.a. : They make you think it’s daytime. Get f.lux for your computer and turn nightshift on your phone from 7p.m. onwards. And stop checking one hour before going to bed.

Caffein :

This worldwide stimulant is one of my favourite drinks in the whole wide world. I love having energy, and it is great for that. But it will disrupt your sleep if you drink it up to 8 hours prior sleep. Lower quality sleep means more fat storage. Stay away from coffee after 4pm. If you can stay away efter 2pm. I can’t I like it too much.
Hope you liked it! Stay tuned for PART 2 : NUTRITION!
Take it easy
If this has worked for you, please tag me in your before-after pic 🙂 or send it to me at

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