Consistency Makes Mastery

There are no secrets to getting better at something. No shortcuts. Just relentless consistency, work and patience.
You can try and find a magic pill if you want. You can hope for a super machine that will solve all your issues. The bionic implant that will make you superhuman. I can tell you now, you are looking in the wrong direction.

That pill already exists.

“What??? Really?? How??? Where?? »
consistency makes mastery
Yep. It is called CONSISTENCY.
Consistency in work. Consistency in effort. Consistency in discipline. Consistency in curiosity. In mindfulness. In special attention to detail.
There is a compounded effect of measuring what you do on a daily basis, adding up week after week, month after month, year after year. Keeping track of your small everyday progress and seeing all the others that go hard, boast about it, and deflate after a few months. They going up and down on the rollercoaster of their life. Being pushed and rattled by the drama they create themselves, biting their own tail in a never-ending dance of excuses.
It’s all very nice, full of life and entertainment of course. But it doesn’t really get you anywhere.
Stay on your path. When you have a direction, don’t deviate. Or only if it helps you, like avoiding obstacles instead having to push through them. Otherwise, head on.

More is not always better. Longer is.

Play the long game. If you have increased anything by 0,1% today, you have won. By 0,01%, you have won. At the end of the year you’ll see who has grown the most. Consistency and growth must be paired no matter what. You have to put in the work, AND see that you are getting better.

Be the Tortoise, not the Hare. Be the adult.

Look where you are going, and don’t let emotional flutter distract you. The slope is steep on both sides of the path, and slippery. Stay on that narrow path, and you will go smoother and faster forward.
I get it, you are a human being, and you have needs and emotions.
You can stop, rest, and get back at it tomorrow. But at least try… And try…. And try again. When a child stumbles, he gets back up. An average of 300 times. Be like a child, but don’t be a child. You are not a child anymore.
You are allowed to do anything you want. No one is there to tell you what to do. But for once, listen to yourself.
You can binge eat ice-cream while crying in front of your favourite Netflix series until 2am. You can decide not to go to the gym because it’s a 15 minute walk away. You can smoke that packet of cigarettes and drink those 6 beers today, because that’s what everyone cool and awesome does. Or you can go to bed at a reasonable time, get your 8 hours of sleep, wake up refreshed and kick ass again to be better at your craft?

You get to choose. Choose to get better. Every… Single… Day.

“But it’s so hard… »
Yes it is. Going back to the analogy of the pill, if ingestible, and at a reasonable price, it wouldn’t give you that edge, that knowledge you have that others don’t.
Why? Because everyone would take it!
The truth is it isn’t about being better than everyone. Not really. You just want to be your True Self. The one that does exactly what he/she wants to do. The one that goes to bed when needed. The one that plans to do something, and then does it. The one that does it every single day.
The truth is that you really want to do all that. You already know what you have to do. You just aren’t actually doing it.
And it is eating you inside.
The weight of that little battle going on inside you is pulling you down, dragging behind you, getting you to pick you phone and scroll you instagram feed to know who loves you already. I’ve been there.
Shut them up, and get started. I promise it’s easier on the other side. The grass IS greener.
I am no superstar. I am not famous. I am not a rich. But I know I’m on track. I know where I’m going, and I know I’m going there. It might take me a year, five years, ten years, even twenty years I don’t care. And you know why? Because every word I am typing on this keyboard right now is the legacy I am creating for myself. It is a step forward I am willing to take. A slap in the face of all those moments I regretted not taking action.
So what are you going to do today? What are you going to do right now?
And go do it.
Have a great read.

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