Life doesn’t go in a straight line

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You know that, I know that. There are times of ups and downs, of rushing and slowing down, of happiness and despair, of pleasure and of pain.

We are biological entities, we follow certain rules, but we believe we can break them. We believe we are better than every other entity on earth because we can think and talk, and create. And I agree, we ARE more advanced. But we still walk around in flesh bags. If you don’t acknowledge and respect it you are in for very bad surprises along the way.

The waves your biology follows are there for a reason. You can push yourself for so long, and then you have to step back, take a break, and push again after that. We work better in a wave-like fashion.

I imagine these sequences are like contractions and expansions.

What are contractions and expansions?

In my mind contracting involves everything that I have to accumulate before I can go on and expand. Basically anything that involves thinking, introverted, recovery, that is doing less energy demanding actions. So reading, sleeping, eating well, learning, thinking, planning, getting a massage, going into an isolation tank and meditating.

Expanding is taking action. Creating content, making videos, increasing volume / intensity / frequency in my training, sleeping less to get more things done. Going out and drinking to see friends, socialising, reaching out to new clients.

Balance Things Out

balance things out
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These aren’t polar opposites. They are two equal weights in a balanced life. Doing the same ritualised thing everyday and simply trying to do a little more every day is like playing house of cards. At some point you’re going to break. And if you just do the same thing day in and day out you are not stabilising, you are regressing. Don’t delude yourself.

Just like a muscle needs waves of stress and recovery, so does your life. Like a beating heart that needs to fill up before it can contract and feed the body. Like the swelling of your lungs that fill up with air and exhale C02.

Being aware of these phases in your life will help you understand that it is ok to have downtime, to take time to plan, to think before executing like crazy. Going all out all the time is the greatest way to crumble and smash into the wall of your own demise.

Think about where you are right now. Are you planning, thinking, learning or are you creating, producing, taking action, making? Or are you trying to do everything at the same time?

Be Smart About It

This isn’t all black and white. In some areas you might be in expansion, while in others you are in contraction. And that is also part of the balance. You can’t aways be doing everything at the same time. When I’m thinking, or learning through audio books or podcasts, I still like to be doing mind numbing things like cleaning or rearranging. it clears my mind for my work, and helping me learn, but it is also taking action in how my house is held.

When you go all out in the gym, maybe it’s time to take a break in your thinking, because your brain might not be able to handle the stress of heavy weights and the massive output of having to create content. Or maybe those things feed one into the other for you.

If you understand how to optimise these interwinding waves of production and planification, of contraction and expansion, of high energy and low energy, of anabolic and catabolic, you will be streamlining what you do instead of having to fight. Use your moods and rhythms to get the best out of your life. Because you only have 24 hours in a day, and you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything you have to DO in your life. You want to go as fast as possible, but you also don’t want to burn out as fast as you live.

So find your balance, keep the wheels turning smoothly, understand who you are, and keep growing with every cycle.

Take it easy,


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