You have been pushing back the dreaded moment you exercise for more than a year.

Every time you get back to training, it goes either goes terribly and you quit for another year, or it goes great for about three weeks, and then for some mysterious reason you stop, or you injure yourself.

It’s time you get a Personal Trainer.

You don’t have to go crazy and hire him five days a week, cook your meal and tuck you into bed. Once a week is plenty to change your life. Why? because it’ll build a sustainable habit.

You will have no excuses, you will have committed, and you will exercise every week for a minimum of 1 year.

Here is what will probably happen….

At first it will seem like a chore… and you won’t understand why it seems to be going so slow. “I can’t see any results, and everything he makes me do still feels kind of easy” after three weeks. Yep, it takes time to build something great. You don’t have technique or a good understanding of your body.

He knows that, understands it, and makes you take big enough steps that you make progress, but it’s easy enough that you can do it.

After about 12 weeks, you might find yourself wanting to go for an extra jog during the week. You tell your personal trainer who congratulates you. You feel good about yourself, but he warns you to only add one or two runs, and no more than 20 minutes each.

You’re frustrated, but you listen because he is a professional. You make progress in running, and your back, shins and feet don’t hurt as much as they used to when you did it by yourself. Your personal trainer MADE you rest enough between sessions, and your body was ready for the shock.

After six months you reached the goals you had set for 1 year away. Where did the time go?

That is what happens. Everything starts off slow, but over the weeks the fact that you neither injure, or overdo yourself, recover enough and use good technique will make you achieve your goals much faster.

But it doesn’t stop there. You keep going for another six months.

He tells you about sleep, food, about the dangers of sitting down for too long. You drink more water, less alcohol, you might even stop smoking. Not you really look forward to exercise. It makes you relaxed afterwards, and you find yourself getting less angry during the week.

Your body craves good stuff. You’re les attracted by fast, easy, greasy and sweet. You like colour in your plate. You have more energy, you get up easier in the morning, which puts you in a better mood.

You’re happier with yourself. Your posture is better. You have more confidence with your body changing and people noticing.

You’re finally on the right path. And now you know how to take care of yourself. Your personal trainer is proud of you, and you tell him you think you don’t need him anymore. And that can’t make him happier, because he has helped another human being take care of himself.

So why not give it a go? Start off fresh and in the right direction.

Hire a personal trainer.

Take it easy.


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