The Truth About A Balanced Life

Finding how to be energised, relaxed, enthusiastic, healthy, productive, creative and strong can seem like a constant struggle. Being sandwiched between the needs and wants of the whole world and yours, it’s hard to make everyone satisfied.
Actually it’s impossible.
You are like a pendulum, swinging around a perfect centre, and life pushes you around in all directions. Your job is to find ways to get back to that centre.
It’s not daily, not weekly, not monthly or yearly. It’s about a lifetime of finding what make you better. 
And unfortunately, even if you find something that works, balance evolves as you age, as you change location, as you change who you spend time with, as you have a relationship, children, and more responsabilities.
You are a dynamic entity, balance is not a steady process. It is knowing yourself enough to take the measures necessary to put you back on track when things go south.
It is about knowing what triggers performance for you, how much you should sleep and when, what you should eat and when, what you should do and when.
No one out there has the formula for you. You are unique. Anyone that claims to have that formula is trying to sell you something.
There are general guidelines or else this blog would not actually exist… but I’m not giving you answers, just directions. You are going to have to find the rest out.
On top of that, the guidelines I give you here are simply what worked, or is working for me or my clients. Maybe it isn’t for you. But try it. Who knows?
After 25 year of practising sport, 13 years of studying physiology, and 8 years of teaching, I know a few tricks. And I’m still learning TONS!
On this blog I separate health into 7 steps :
  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Flexibility
  4. Mobility
  5. Strength
  6. Mindfulness
  7. Detoxing
Each of these steps is as important as the other. But I propose to learn about each of them in the order they are presented here, because each aspect feeds into the next.
I advise you take 30 days to master 1 aspect of each topic, work on it. Start being proficient at it, then get to work on the next. Once you have done a 30 day challenge on each, go back to step 1 and repeat the process, but going a bit deeper, and better at the subject.
This is a about learning about yourself and getting good at it. What you work on is just a reflection of your thought process. I am just exposing mine here.
There are and will be extensive articles on the different subjects, and I try to give very simple and applicable information to use every day.
To find balance in your life you must first understand what is important to you. And sometimes you don’t even know what is important to you before you actually try it.
You think you are someone who wants to become someone, but you will probably realise that what you want is something completely different. Keep an open mind, talk and meet with very different people. You would be amazed at what actually triggers joy for you.
There is only one way to find out.
Go out there try it. Go out there and fail at it. Go out there and be miserable until you stop disappointing yourself every day. Once you stop being sold on the idea you have be anything, or any given way, and you truly accept who you are and what you need and like, you will find that centre nd never want to leave it again.
Take it easy.

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