Teach Yourself About Yourself

Cherish your time in the gym 

 We don’t take enough time to do something great. Going to the gym is a mission. A spiritual endeavour. I love it. 

I have to stop myself from going because I would just go as soon as I have a moment. 

Turn your phone off. Don’t let yourself be distracted. This is between you and yourself. Every session should be a lesson. You should get as much out of it as you put into it.  

Grab the weights with intent. 

Understand what you are doing. Feel your muscles working. This is meditation. This is focus. 

This needs time. It needs focus. It needs discipline. No one cares about what you are doing except yourself. Lift by and for yourself. Be selfish. 

The gym, the iron, the bars, the struggle, the sweat, they are all teachers. Listen to what is being told to you. Listen to how your body is reacting. 

The person coming out of that gym is different than the one that went in. Be aware of what you are about to do. Of what you are doing. Of what you have done. 

Perfect it. Make it better. If you make yourself a better person, the world becomes a better place. Invest  in you practice, in your discipline, and it will give you back a hundredfold.  

Take it easy, 

But take it seriously.


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