I just decided to have a one week social media break. Even though I enjoy spending time on them and sharing what I do, and also finding motivation, finding peers, reading good articles, the subconscious toll it takes on me is unmistakable. 
Every year I take one to two non premeditated media breaks because I get sucked into the lies and falsehood a lot of these pictures and videos are planting into my mind.

Everyone is happier, more beautiful, stronger, richer, fitter than you. They have more and better friends, live in better locations, and enjoy every second of it. It’s never boring and they are both working more hours but still find more time to chill, go to great restaurants that are « oh wow so fabulous ».

Felling the vibe yet? Yes I’m envious, angry, tired, lonely and eager to prove myself to the world. 

This is why I need the break. 

I need to recenter myself on my life and the ones around me. They are the most important poeple to focus on. 

Even if my life has less Grind, less Hustle, less beautiful people, less « wouhou! » Moments I enjoy my life very much. And endulging in too much social media sometimes makes me forget it.

Remember, nothing is free and if someone isn’t selling something to you, you are the product. 

Books on sale on this website soon 😉 

Take it easy,


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