I have been running this idea through my mind for a couple of years now.

No one cares. 

It hurts. It’s one of those sentences that slams your heart on the table when it comes out of a mouth. Used by your father, mother, brother, sister, teacher when you were happily blabbering on about some random subject and it sliced right across your soul.

No One Cares

It’s the sentence that stops you from dreaming. Keeps you from talking about what your really care about, and has forced your own ideas down your throat. The one that killed your creativity and passion.

But I want you to turn the tables on those words. Use them. 

Whatever you say, whatever you do, no one cares. So go do it. No one will judge you. Not for long anyway. Because NO ONE CARES.

And the truth is… no one really cares. Do what YOU want to do. Don’t buy a clothes, watches, cars houses to impress anyone, it doesn’t. People are too focused on themselves to pay attention. And if they do, that attention fades away. And if it doesn’t, then maybe you actually said something interesting.

Write your article, write your post, post that picture, but do it because you want to give, not for anyones attention.

And if anyone comes your way with anger, disappointment, mockery, or judgement, that’s not on you, that’s on them.

What you want is for people that care for what you have to say, what you do, what you write, to come and join you. The internet is a fascinating world where everyone can find their tribe.

Tell the internet about you Pokemon cards, your Dolls Clothes knitting, how incredibly well you paint Goblin figurines. If people don’t care, fine, you tried. If they make fun of you, whatever. If those people are close to you, GREAT, cut them loose. If they like what you have to say, keep going.

This is a game you can only win at. 

So go be you. No one that doesn’t matter cares really. Only the ones that really care matter.

Go do the things you want do, and don’t let those voices that impede you take over.

Take it easy,



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