Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 6)


6)  Fat Burning Secrets :

And here is the part I wasn’t sur to add in.

I wasn’t sure because some of you might be tempted to only do what is listed here, and not implement parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are the most important for long lasting fat loss.

This is for those last resistant layers that make you want to rip the hair out of your head, because you don’t understand why you aren’t losing them. I call these secrets Plateau Breakers, because the idea is to get to a stage where you don’t seem to be making any progress, introduce either one of these for 3 weeks, and see the fat slide away.

You are welcome.

fat burning secrets

What you should be doing :

Caffeine :

If you are already a coffee drinker, I suggest you cut back for a few days, even a week if you can do it, then reintroduce caffeine capsules (usually 200mg) 45minutes before training. If you don’t drink coffee, start with 1/2 a pill because you might find yourself doing backflips in the subway if you’re not careful.

Caffeine heightens focus, and increases fat metabolism (burns fat). It won’t work if you eat donuts, but if you are struggling to lose fat even though you are doing everything right, this could be a great kickstarter.

Cold showers :

This has been my dirty little secret over the pas 3 months. Very easy, and very effective. At the end of your shower, turn the heat UP for about 30 seconds, make it so you overheat yourself, then cool yourself off with increasingly colder water until you get to the coldest point for 15 seconds. And that’s it.

I’ve had resistant fat since last year’s bulk (which I will NEVER EVER SUGGEST, article coming), and it has been slowly but surely (500g/ week) been peeling off. It is by far the easiest and most rewarding hack to lose fat and feel great (better mood, better skin, more energy).

Saunas :

I’m not a great fan of heat, but this goes hand in hand with the Detox chapter. You might need a little extra boost to your sweating protocol if exercising isn’t enough.

I suggest you treat yourself to a sauna, or Hammam, and let the toxic waste pour out of you. The simple shock of the heat will provide you with a sudden weight loss that will help you on your journey. However the heat adaptive processes of your body are put into place quite quickly, so don’t fret if you lose 2kg after your first sauna, but practically nothing in the following ones.

Isolation Tanks  :

If stress is a huge issue for you, I strongly suggest you find an isolation tank (or sensory deprivation tank), and shut the world off for an hour. The first times are pretty difficult, but the payoff is crazy.

First of all the sheer amount of Magnesium you get from the Epsom Salts you are bathing in will be enough to relax you for a week. It will help with the quality of your sleep, and increased sleep quality always results in great physical benefits.

If you have unresolved issues you can’t seem to beat, this hour with yourself should give your brain time to figure out how to stop worrying about it.

No sound, no sight, no touch… the simple fact of letting yourself go will reduce your cortisol levels by something crazy, and help you reduce low level inflammation that might impend your journey to being who you truly are.

Massages :

Several reasons to this. First off just like isolation tanks being relaxed means you are less likely to hold on to fat. Cortisol is great to lose fat but only in intense bursts like when you are lifting heavy weights. A low level of constant cortisol because your boss is an asshole is a no-no.


Secondly, massaging the tissue will help with blood flow, liquid drainage, and fat release especially if you have cellulite.

And lastly a massage every 1 to 3 months will help you with exercise, and will prevent possible injuries. The longer you can exercise injury-free, the faster the results.

MCT and Brain Octane oil :

Another magic potion in the arsenal are Medium Chain Triglycerides.

What are they? They are fats that your brain can use for energy.

Why is that good? because if your brain is fed, it won’t crave sugar. And if your brain doesn’t crave sugar, you can focus on eating vegetables, protein and fats. And if you’re eating more fats, then your body learns to burn them faster, and therefore burn more fat, and get leaner, and release more fat in the bloodstream, which your body then uses up.

Brilliant little liquids. However, don’t overdo them as they pass through the digestive system quite quickly and can be a bit problematic. Start slow and increase to tolerance. Follow the warnings on the bottles.

What you should not do :

Listen to anyone that has no clue what they are talking about :

If anyone tried to tell you what to do, and they either :

  •  Have never had to lose any fat because they are genetically luckier than you
  •  Or is fat and not losing any weight but doesn’t care and tries to shame you for trying

Please please please just don’t listen to them. And don’t doubt what you are doing.

Tell everyone what you are doing : (watch this also)

This will just make people ask you 1000 questions, and either make you doubt yourself, or contradict you when they won’t even do it themselves. They are just doing this to win a brain fight.

Trust me this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell anyone what I do for a living. ONCE a friend of a friend did what I said, and when I saw him again 5 weeks later, he had lost 8kg.

Stop :

Stay on track for 12 weeks, minimum. Try one approach at a time. Once the progress stops or slows down, add a new Plateau Breaker. Even when you get to your goal, keep going. You need to teach your body that this new weight is YOUR new weight. On top of that you need to engrain these habits.


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