Get Good At Losing Fat (Part 5)

5) Detoxing

If you have followed the four different steps ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) I have detailed up to now you should be well on your way to having shed a nice amount of fat off. And hopefully you have been noticing what you might have been doing wrong up to now.
The only thing is there are thing you cannot control… like some of the food you are fed, the air you breathe, the water you shower in, the products you use or have used… and there might be a lifetime accumulation of toxic substances you need to get rid of. So welcome to the Detox Program!

What you should be doing :

Detoxing :

Yes this isn’t a fad, you undoubtedly have accumulated some kind of toxicity in your body and it is your job to learn how to get rid of it. Start once a year if you want, then once quarter, once a month, then once a week, but start somewhere. You MUST detox if you want to get anywhere physically and mentally.

Introducing fasting:

Don’t get me wrong, this is hardcore stuff. But if you have been following the first four parts, this is the next step up in your Health Game.
Fasting “Ain’t no joke » as some might say. But start off very slow and get into it. Try a bulletproof coffee in the morning instead of breakfast, which isn’t technically a fast, but will get you going on the fat burning mode, and start turning on some of your rejuvenating mechanisms.
Then try skipping breakfast altogether once a week, or skipping dinner. And slowly but surely get onto a 14 to 24h fast once a week. I have not personally done anything longer than that because I am trying to put on muscle and stay lean, and I have not read enough on that specific subject to try it any longer.
I will never ask you to do something I have not tried personally. But I have done 14 to 24h fasts, and the studies I have read seem to indicate that there are significant benefits to it such as « waste management », or autophagy, which means that as your body has no food, it eat the waste that has been accumulating in your cells. You can call this a cellular cleanse of some sort. Issues with autophagy have been related to aging. Let your body heal itself.

Sweating a lot :

This is hopefully already happening with the exercise you’ve been doing. But if you decided to skip that part altogether then go for a sauna once a week, biking, a very hot bath, hot sex under the covers, anything to get you to sweat. Why? because sweating is an EXCELLENT way of getting rid of heavy metals, excess salt, urea, and many other compounds. Sweat like your mean it! Get inspired here.

Scrubbing your skin once a week :

Yep, this goes hand in hand with sweating.
The sweat has exuded compounds out of your lymph system and your bloodstream, but now you have to scrub it off of your skin before it just gets reabsorbed back in. So once a week, after you have profusely sweated, take some of your leftover coffee grounds and scrub the hell out of yourself. Shed that ol’ skin and the toxins away, and feel a soft new you come out of it all.

Taking Vitamins and Supplements:

Help your body be at full functional capacity. You aren’t made to be fat, tired, and  angry.
You need to turn your body back on. Take a full spectrum multivitamin for a month per year. Get your body working like it should, and stop the fat holding mechanisms from stopping you from being who you really are.
You should also get Glutathione, Pterostilbene, Trans-Resveratrol, and Alpha-Lipoid Acid in your arsenal, and take them for 7 days, once a month.
Added to all of this, I strongly suggest you get onto krill and fish oil as quickly as you can. Take 1 gram a day, every day, and feel the difference. Just be careful if you have any crustacean allergies.

Eating Lots Of Herbs and Spices :

Herbs and spices are the antioxidants, polyphenol, and molecular treasure troves of nature. Binge eat them when you are feeling bad. Read Mark Hyman’s Ultra Mind Solution and Alberto Viloldo’s One Spirit Medicine to know exactly what to eat and when to help you fight whatever might be stopping you from being who you really are.

Having activated charcoal 1/ week :

Once a week, on an empty stomach, have some activated charcoal. This will serve as a kind of reset button for your gut. Getting rid of any mistakes you could have made, cleansing you from the inside and getting you prepped up for the coming week of total awesomeness. Don’t have it with anything else as it might negate their effect.
Quick tip : Brush your teeth with this stuff with it while you are at it, it works amazing!

Drink and Eat Fermented Things :

The gut micro biome also needs help.
See it as a constant battle group between the good and the bad yeast, bacteria and fungus that lives inside of you. Eating heathy, exercising, and detoxing will help the good guys keep you lean, active and motivated, eating bad helps the bacteria that make you fat, crave sugars, and not move.
Problem is you have probably all undergone an array of antibiotics at least once in your life. Kombucha, sauerkraut, and acidophilus milk will all help you refeed that gut bacteria, and help you win the battle that make you thin and energetic.

Have lots of fiber :

This simply means have as many vegetables as you can. Fiber is the food you feed to your gut, which helps you produce substances that also makes your brain happy and strong. So same story, but you can’t hammer a nail too much, EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

What you should not do :

Use everything on your body:

Read labels, and if you dont know what it is, it probably isn’t great for you.
Use Bicarbonate of soda as deodorant for a week. Brush your teeth with bicarbonate, charcoal and green clay. Wash yourself with the simplest soap you can find, and don’t wash yourself one day a week. Look at the labels of the products around your house. What does your washing liquid contain? Don’t eat or drink out of plastic that might contain BPA. Hydrate your skin with coconut oil. Your hair with eggs and olive oils, or avocado oil. Nature has a lot to offer. Pharmacies and Grocery stores aren’t the best place to get your stuff.

Drink unfiltered water :

I’ll say it again. This alone is a great hack. Get a Brita filter, and filter tap water. If you drink bottled water, drink to out of BPA free containers, such as glass. Which is rare.

Stay in city streets for too long :

Air pollution fills you up with heavy metals that go straight into your fat, and stay logged. Then your fat protects you by keeping it in there, and when you start losing fat, you will suddenly feel tired, have skin irruptions, have bleeding gums…. Eat coriander, drink lots of filtered water, and try to stay away from traffic jams.
I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay Tuned for Part 6 : The 6 Secret Fat Loss Hacks….
And take it easy,

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