Book Review : The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

This is a new section I’m testing out. I read a lot and always live to share my good finds. Let me know if you like these. 

I came across this book because I was always thick. I was never the fat kid, but never the lean one either for two main reasons. I loooooove food, and my parents are GREAT cooks.

In 2012 I was looking for a way to eat that would allow me to eat foods I liked in quantities that would satisfy me. So I tried the Pyramid Diet and the Chrononutrition Diet, the first did not work, the second gave me high blood pressure… not great. 

Then I tried the new « fad » which came along with the crossfitting community, so I thought « lets read this! ». It struck an immediate chord because I have a bachelors degree in Biology/Physiology, and the dude knows what he’s talking about. 

So that is a BIG +1. Very clear and actually lets you skip the complex interactions (the WHY) and just lets you go straight to the WHAT if you prefer it that way.

But before we get to that, he does go on about anthropology. He explains he didn’t invent the diet, and gives ressources to go and verify that paleo people WERE in fact healthier than we are today. Another big +1 for that. No bullshit, but actual research.

So how about the what? The book tells us archelology found data via bone density showing the paleolithic hunter gatherers were tall and very athletic humans that had no cavities and were lean muscular beasts with little cancer or child mortality (Very brief summary there). So how did they accomplish this?
Agriculture and complex carbohydrates are to blame here. You can basically eat Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Seafood, Veggies,Nuts, Herbs and Spices and a little bit of Starches and Fruit, and trive in a lean muscular and energised body. I Looooooved the concept! 

Then he add a few exercises into the mix and… the NorCal margerita. I’ll let you discover that yourselves 🙂

And his recipes are awesome, you can also just follow his 1 soirve of protein + 1 veggie + 1spice + 1 herb, cook it and make discoveries. I have made increadible gustative findings doing so.

Only issue I have is I thrive with a little white rice at night otherwise I have desperate cravings the next day. I’m just made like that.

It is an excellent well balanced book that is both explanatory and straight to the point (yes those aren’t contradictory). 

Please buy it and read it and become a healthier human being. You can also check out his blog by clicking HERE to find all his educational content, or listen to his podcast if you are more of a listener.

Enjoy, and take it easy.

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